The school desktop and applications are delivered directly from the cloud, to just about any device, owned by the school or pupil, to anywhere that has a connection to the internet. All of the e-safety and security features of the traditional network are still present but since everything is delivered from the cloud it doesn’t matter whether the user is at school, at home or anywhere else. Storage is also located in the cloud so the need for USB sticks and mailing files backward and forward is gone too.

“The beauty of our platform is that it will run on almost any device, providing those who use it the familiar look and feel of a traditional Microsoft desktop and all of the applications which run on it.”
— Jason Taylor, Tekpool CEO


  • Logins are super fast, getting the class up and running in no time.
  • Overall cost is reduced by only paying for what is used.
  • BYOD is instantly enabled, it runs on any device!